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John Widdows FRPS DPAGB

Mike Longhurst ARPS

Anna Stevenson ARPS

Barry Jones ARPS

Diane Fifield ARPS

Bob Styring ARPS

Brian Northmore

Ivo Dukic

Nick Western

Wayne Elseworth

Alison Mayers CPAGB



2017 / 2018 Season

RPS Distinctions
Andrew Knight LRPS

2015 / 2016 Season

RPS Distinctions
Des Sheridan ARPS
Paul Yard ARPS
Anne-Louise Allen LRPS
Bob Allen LRPS
Pam Perry LRPS
Steve Pinnigar LRPS
Wendy Mountford LRPS

2014 / 2015 Season

FIAP Distinctions
Linda Wevill EFIAP Bronze

RPS Distinctions
Barry Jones ARPS
Anna Stevenson ARPS
Dave Brown LRPS
Angie Cook LRPS

2013 / 2014 Season

RPS Distinctions
Linda Wevill - FRPS
John Widdows - FRPS
Mike Longhurst - ARPS
Bob Styring - ARPS
Sylvia Wilson - ARPS
Barry Jones - LRPS
Anna Stevenson - LRPS

PAGB Distinctions
Paul Yard CPAGB

FIAP Distinctions
Sue Brown - EFIAP (Bronze)
Linda Wevill - EFIAP

RPS Distinctions
Diane Fifield - ARPS
Paul Yard - LRPS

Diane Fifield ARPS – Highly Commended in International Garden Photographer of the Year 2012 and the image of ‘Chrysanthemum raindrop’ appeared on Front cover of the IGPOTY Book and in the Sunday Telegraph Magazine.